"Casa Gianino"

via Provinciale 280

The Agriturism "Casa Gianino", old monastery dated back 1500, has three dining-rooms stone and wood walls made and two of them with fire-place.
Antonio, Adriana, Morgan and Silvia will cook and offer you typical rural food.

Antipasti with gnocco fritto (fried pie), cheese and salami; pasta entrèe hand made like tortellini, tortelli, gramigna and maccheroni al torchio; entrèe-roast, mixed grill, various meat and chicken cacciatora; mushrooms, truffles and game.

Always present in the menù list the boar-meat with crescentine.
Large selections of wines.
From wednesday to saturday "menù".
On sunday "Tasting menù".
A convention hall is available.

Approximate price: 26,00 Є (euro) per person excluding wine

Closing: monday & tuesday

+39 0536 65126
+39 320 8247110

fax: +39 0536 252960
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